Loan in Alfa-Bank for small business: individual entrepreneurs and legal entities

Loan in Alfa-Bank for small business: individual entrepreneurs and legal entities

Alfa-Bank offers loans for business development and many other business lending programs for individual entrepreneurs and LLCs. Consider the terms of lending to corporate clients, and how to get a loan for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Benefits of lending at Alfa-Bank

Among the main advantages of a credit line with Alfa-Bank are:

  • preliminary approval of lending in 5 minutes;
  • quick replenishment of the working capital deficit – the money will be transferred on the day of signing the contract;
  • receiving funds in the required currency – Russian ruble, USD, EUR;
  • convenient loan term;
  • no collateral is required for the loan;
  • early repayment of debt without charging a commission.

Attention! Alfa Bank’s clients note the low cost of a loan when it is issued for a period of less than one year. Another advantage of business lending is that the borrower can choose the most profitable program option, taking into account the needs and specifics of his work.

How to get a loan for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. persons online

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To take out a business loan online, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Apply for a loan” button and submit an online application on the official website of Alfa-Bank.
  2. Indicate the name of the company or TIN, city of business, contact phone number and click “Fill in the form”.
  3. Indicate the field of activity, how long ago the business was opened, the size of the average monthly revenue for the last 9 months, whether there are other loans from Alfa-Bank and click “Continue”.
  4. Select information about founders from the suggested options and click “Submit Application”.
  5. Done. The bank manager will contact you within two working days and clarify the details. You will need to provide data on guarantors, turnover and activity.

Types of credit programs

Alfa-Bank offers its customers the following loan programs:

  1. overdraft – fast receipt of funds at the right time for urgent expenses;
  2. business loan with collateral – money can be used for any purpose;
  3. collateral light;
  4. business mortgage; purchase of commercial and residential real estate;
  5. business loan;
  6. credit holidays.

Tariffs and conditions

Name Interest rate Amount (in rubles)
Business loan 13.5% up to 10,000,000
Overdraft 16.5% up to 15,000,000
Business loan with collateral from 9.5% up to 60,000,000
Collateral light 12.5% up to 15,000,000
Business Mortgage from 9.5% up to 60,000,000

Loan calculator

To calculate a loan at Alfa-Bank using a calculator, indicate the amount and term, interest rate, and type of payment – annuity or differentiated.

Loan calculator provided by

Requirements for the borrower and the company

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The main requirements of Alfa-Bank to borrowers wishing to obtain a loan for business development without collateral are as follows:

  • For legal entities and individuals. persons who are owners of organizations, at least one guarantor is required – an individual. For individual entrepreneurs, a loan of up to 3,000,000 rubles is provided without guarantors.
  • The term of doing business is not less than 9 months.
  • For individual entrepreneurs, Russian citizenship and age from 22 to 65 years.
  • Positive credit history.
  • Confirmation of the intended use of the loan.

Attention. The list of requirements can be expanded depending on the specific borrower.

What documents are needed

For business, it is required to provide title and financial documents. If collateral is used, ownership of the property will need to be verified.

For loans without collateral, the following list of documents is required:

  • consent of the individual entrepreneur, enterprise and individual-owner to receive data from the BCH;
  • loan application indicating the parameters of the loan and participants in the transaction;
  • copies of passports of participants in the transaction;

You may also need:

  • confirmation of the intended use of the loan;
  • financial statements;
  • copies of loan agreements for other loans, if any.

Attention. The exact list of securities is formed upon filing an application and is reviewed by a loan officer in each specific case.

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Pros and cons

Among the advantages of business lending at Alfa-Bank are:

  • obtaining the required amount of funds without collateral;
  • receipt of money on the account on the day of signing the contract;
  • the client himself decides for what purposes to spend the received loan;
  • no additional commissions.

The main disadvantage of lending a business in Alfa-Bank is the impossibility of obtaining a loan for a business “from scratch”, since the legal entity. the person or individual entrepreneur must work in the market for at least 9 months.

Reference. A cash consumer loan for starting a business for an individual entrepreneur under a business plan can also be issued for a new enterprise, if this enterprise is not the first and the owner has already been successfully engaged in another business for at least 9 months.

In general, lending at Alfa-Bank is quite profitable if the client fits all the parameters and meets the requirements of the lender.

Loan repayment methods

The client can repay the current loan in one of the following ways:

  • via a mobile application;
  • in the internet bank;
  • through the bank’s partners.

The borrower can repay the loan in part or in full, without charging additional fees.

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