Financial offers from the Unicom24 CPA network - Publications

Financial offers from the Unicom24 CPA network – Publications

Antivirus hello! We are going to tell you about the first two weeks of our action SAVE THIS WORLD, at the end of which we will give the 50 best partners 45 gadgets from Apple, 4 cars and an apartment in Moscow 😎

Firstly, we made a lot of noise in one cozy Telegram chat, where the sharks of the CPA market live in the financial vertical. Few can boast of such a generous prize pool. But we, as they say, can afford it 😜

Secondly, 300+ partners have already joined the campaignthat started pouring traffic and saving save coins. But they are still not far away, so you have every chance of joining the fight for the capital’s real estate 😇

Thirdly, we have already begun to open the veil of secrecy over all methods of rapid accumulation of save-coins. Follow the news in our social networks, notifications in your personal account and, of course, on the promotion website 👉🏻…

And now the first life hack ☝🏻

Not all promotional offers are created equal. Some bring you a standard amount of save-coins, others – an increased one. For example, you can get 7 times more save-coins for working with the exclusive offer Uni24 👉🏻

This is a showcase offer of 20+ microloan offers designed to increase your earnings. Offers included in Uni24 have the highest EPC and change their places on the showcase in such a way that the client most likely sends a request and you get a reward.

The amount of payment for the Uni24 offer is 2100 rubles for issuing a loan. At the same time, it does not matter at all which of the offers within Uni24 was issued – you will still receive 2,100 rubles and, at the same time, 1,470 save-coins.

Just one issue, and you are already in the first place in the promotion!

Pour on Uni24 and become the first applicant for an apartment in Moscow 👉🏻…

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