conditions, application, interest rate

conditions, application, interest rate

In a situation where a person does not have enough money to implement his plans, for example, to make repairs, buy equipment, go on vacation, etc., you can apply for a loan.

Many banking organizations today provide such services. Alfa-Bank can be distinguished among them.


Alfa-Bank currently offers three programs for consumer loans.

These include:

  1. Cash lending. The maximum amount is 2 million rubles. The interest rate is set in each specific case individually, the minimum is 17.5. The size is influenced by the credit history, the amount and term of the loan, as well as the person’s solvency. The application is reviewed by the bank within five working days.
  2. Fast loan.

    Provides an amount of up to 250 thousand. Lending purposes can be any. The response to the application comes within 15 minutes after it is sent. Depositing collateral, guarantors will not be required.

  3. Instant loan. You can issue an amount up to 450 thousand. This service is provided in the stores where the goods are purchased. Registration of an application and receipt of a response takes on average 15 to 30 minutes.

There is no need to pay commissions and fees for the consideration of the application. In addition, the bank does not charge fees for servicing loans, as well as for their issuance.


The positive aspects include:

  1. Registration is quick and easy. To get a cash loan, you can use online services. The application is filled out on the official website of the bank. In it, you need to indicate the data of the document through which the identity of the borrower is verified, contact information, information regarding registration at the place of residence, employment. The application is considered for 1 or 2 days, after which a preliminary decision is sent to the client in the form of an SMS message, or they call their cell phone. It will be enough to visit the bank once to get the final decision. To do this, you need to have the original documents with you, which are indicated in the application. If approved, the funds will be issued immediately.
  2. You can manage your credit account with one touch. This can be done through the use of new technologies presented by Alfa-Click Internet banking or an application installed on the Alfa-Mobile mobile phone. The client can find out the amount of the monthly payment, pay off the debt.
  3. It is possible to repay the loan ahead of schedule. The borrower may not overpay the interest and repay the debt under the agreement ahead of time. This can be done through an ATM, by phone, or via Internet banking.
  4. There are no additional conditions. Alfa-Bank does not set any hidden fees or charges. In addition, there is no need to post pledges or enter into a suretyship agreement when signing an agreement.

How to apply for a loan from Alfa-Bank? Watch the video:

Rules for processing a consumer loan at Alfa-Bank

The bank will issue a consumer loan if the borrower has a positive credit history, in addition, it will be necessary to officially confirm the income. The conditions for each program are different.

What should be the borrower

If a person wants to get a consumer loan from Alfa-Bank, then he must meet the conditions:

  • be a citizen of Russia;
  • have a permanent registration;
  • work on a permanent basis, while in last place for at least 3 months;
  • income must be at least the subsistence level;
  • the age category is from 21 years old, however, for some programs a different age is provided, for example, to get a quick loan -23 years, for instant loans – 20 years for men and 19 – for women;
  • age limit – 70 years (calculated taking into account the date of the last payment).


To begin consideration of an application for a loan, we are talking about a quick program and a cash loan, the borrower provides the following package of documents:

  • application form to be filled in by the borrower;
  • certificate confirming official employment, earnings;
  • the document by means of which the identity is verified;
  • other identity document, for example, a driver’s license, etc.
  • a certificate issued in the form 2-NDFL, which reflects income for the last 6 months;
  • copy of the work book.

The bank may impose additional requirements for the provision of documentation in order to be able to consider the submitted application. To be considered an application for an instant loan, you will only need to provide a passport.


Registration of an application can be carried out in two ways:

  • on the official website of the bank;
  • at the bank branch.
Requirements for the loan borrower.

In the first case, it is required to independently enter the requested information into the established form. After consideration, the answer comes in the form of an SMS message. In the second case, it is enough to visit the bank and give the documents to the employee, all the data is entered by a specialist.


If we talk about a consumer loan in cash, then the rate in this case is 16.99 percent. With the condition that the person is the holder of an Alfa Bank salary card.

Corporate clients can count on a rate of 17.49 percent. Fast loans provide a rate from 19.49 percent, and instant loans from 47.


The maximum amount for consumer lending programs, in particular, in cash, is 2 million rubles. For a quick program – 250 thousand, for an instant program – 450.

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It is worth noting that cash loans provide for an amount of 2 million in the case when the borrower is the recipient of wages on the Alfa Bank card. For the rest of the customers, this amount is equal to 1 million.

The amount for the fast program depends on the package of documents presented. That is, the more papers the borrower collects, the larger the amount will be approved.

If a passport and a driver’s license are provided, the bank agrees to issue a loan in the amount of 100 thousand. When a complete list of documents is provided – 250. Also, the bank sets the minimum amount that can be obtained under lending programs.

Documents for obtaining a loan from Alfa-Bank. Photo:

So for a cash loan, you can request at least 50 thousand, for a fast one – 10 thousand and for an instant one – 3 thousand rubles. According to the instant program, the limit can be increased from 10 to 100 thousand, depending on what package of documents is presented.

Terms of the contract

Credit terms also depend on which program is chosen. So, for example, for a cash loan, the maximum term reaches 60 months. The fast program, as well as the instant one, provides for 36 months.

When the agreement is drawn up, the borrower has the opportunity to choose the loan term on his own. It can be between 1 and 5 years old. Taking into account the selected period, interest rates will vary.

Loan repayment

The Bank provides that the loan is repaid by making equal payments. The money must be deposited into the account no later than the day that is reflected in the issued schedule.

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When finances arrived later, arrears are formed. This amount is subsequently charged with penalties of 2 percent of the total debt.


The bank provides preferential conditions for clients who receive wages on a bank card or those who use services from Alfa Bank on an ongoing basis.

Individuals with a good credit history can also expect benefits. It is envisaged that holders of salary cards and corporate clients can have preferential conditions in the form of a loan without additional documentation.

The amount is equal to 2 million rubles. Those who receive a salary on a bank card may not submit a certificate reflecting the level of income. The interest rate for them ranges from 16.99 to 30.99.

These conditions are valid if an application is submitted using the official website of the bank. Employees of companies served in this bank receive a rate of 17.49 to 34.99 percent.

What consumer loans does Alfa-Bank offer?

If you apply to apply directly to a bank branch, the rate increases by 1 percent. Borrowers with a positive credit history receive benefits on an individual basis after submitting the necessary documentation.


There are several ways to pay for the loan.

These include:

  1. Use of ATMs. You can refer to the devices of Alfa-Bank, UBRD, MKB banks. Money can be deposited both in cash and non-cash. Visa and Mastercard cards can be used. To find the nearest ATM, you can refer to the website of the bank or bank partners. This service is provided free of charge.
  2. Internet banking. In this case, the money is transferred from one account to another. The payment is made within a few seconds.
  3. Mobile bank. You need to use a phone that supports Java.
  4. Transfer of funds from the accounting department of the organization where the borrower works.

    In this case, you need to write a statement where you indicate the account to which money from wages will be transferred. Also, the application reflects the amount that is required to be paid.

  5. Communication salons.
  6. You can use payment services. Rapida, Kiwi, Unistream and others are used.
  7. Cash is deposited through the cashier of the bank branch.


To obtain a loan from Alfa-Bank, you need to collect a certain list of documents. In case of a positive decision, you need to pay the loan on time, for this there are several different ways.

Otherwise, debt is formed, the borrower’s credit history will deteriorate. In the future, getting a loan will be problematic.

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