Card My Purchases from Alfa Bank

Card My Purchases from Alfa Bank

Alfa Bank is constantly expanding the range of services provided to customers. For a profitable and convenient service, new software offers with attractive bonuses and discounts are being developed.

We offer a variety of credit card products: “100 days without%” cards, Alfa-Miles, Perekrestok, Russian Railways, Gemini, etc.

The “My purchases” card is one of the new programs for attracting borrowers and increasing the loan portfolio.

Now the borrower can make purchases even in the absence of own funds; this does not require additional approval from the bank.

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More about the card My Purchases from Alfa Bank

This form of loan combines two credit products: a loan for the purchase of goods and a credit card. The card is provided to all borrowers of the bank who have issued a consumer loan in a partner store of the bank for the purchase of goods, along with documents for a commodity loan.

Figure 1. Map

With the help of the card, the owner can repay a commodity loan and make payments, withdraw cash in accordance with the provided limit. Thus, the borrower gets the opportunity, during the repayment of the commodity loan, to make purchases at the expense of the restored limit on the card.

As the product credit is repaid, the card limit increases (if the user does not use it).

The possibilities of the “My purchases” service are similar to using a standard credit card.

With its help you can:

  • Pay for purchases at retail outlets.
  • Pay for services, make transfers via the Internet.
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs.

The program has been working for more than 3 years, user reviews are mixed.

Map features

Please note that only the borrower has the right to use the My Purchases card.

The card is not intended for using your own funds, all operations are carried out within the limit determined by the bank.

On the day appointed by the contract, the amount must be repaid. If the user makes an operation with the card, it is done using credit funds, even if the account has the owner’s personal money. On the day of payment, the limit is restored with the user’s own money.


The conditions for obtaining a card are similar to the requirements for a trade loan at a bank.

To receive the card, the borrower must meet the following requirements:

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation, registration in the region where there is a bank representative office with the provision of credit services.
  • Age restriction: for women the service is available from 19 years old, men from 20 years old.
  • Availability of at least 2 telephone numbers: mobile and city.
  • The presence of a minimum average monthly income of 1500 rubles. up to 5500 p. depending on the region of the transaction.
  • The minimum work experience is 3 months.

A passport is required to complete the application.

In individual cases, when a client wishes to increase the credit limit, it may additionally be required:

  • The second document to choose from: a copy of a medical policy, a vehicle passport (if the car is not more than 5 years old), a copy of a foreign passport (if you have visas confirming travel abroad).
  • Confirmation of income by certificates according to Form 2 of personal income tax for a period of at least 3 months.

Loan parameters:

  • Limit up to 300 thousand rubles.
  • The term of the commodity loan is 4-36 months. The term of the MasterCard Classic Unembossed card is 3 years.
  • An interest-free period of 60 days after the first full repayment of the debt.
  • Service fee 799 rub. annually, calculated after the first use of the card, excluding the initially provided credit.
  • The interest rate is set individually, its value depends on the status of the client, the amount and term of provision, the outlet where the transaction is made.

Debt repayment is carried out once a month.

How do I get a card?

The card is issued through partner stores of Alfa Bank, with which a credit institution has concluded an agreement on the provision of commodity loans.

To obtain it, you do not need to fill out a separate questionnaire, the card is provided immediately after the loan for the purchase of goods is issued.

The initial limit is set in the amount specified in the commodity lending agreement. With good debt service, positive credit history, the card limit may be increased. The decision is made by the bank unilaterally or at the request of the borrower.

If the customer only uses the card to repay the initial loan, they will not be charged a service fee.

Map management

When paying with a card, the steps are the same as when using credit cards.

The debt is repaid in the following ways:

  • Through the mobile application “Alfa-Mobile”
  • Through the Internet bank “Alfa Click”.
  • By depositing funds into the ATMs of Alfa Bank.
  • Through partner organizations. The full list of companies is presented on the bank’s website

Figure 2. Partners of Alfa Bank

If the borrower withdraws cash from the card through an Alfa Bank ATM, he will be charged commission in the amount of 7%, minimum RUB 500

When using ATMs of other credit organizations, the commission will also be 7%, and in addition, the tariff of the bank, with the help of which the transfer is made, will be charged.

How to close the My Purchases card of Alfa Bank?

The card will close automatically three years after its issue.

It is impossible to close the card on your own. This is done by the bank at the request of the owner.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any credit service, the “My purchases” card has its advantages and disadvantages.

Main pluses:

  • The owner gets the opportunity to have a constant cash supply, which, if necessary, can be quickly used.
  • To issue a card, you do not need to collect documents, draw up a separate application.
  • Card activation is not required, it is provided immediately active.
  • Possibility to increase the limit upon application.
  • The owner of the card is free of charge by the Internet bank “Alfa Click”.
  • The presence of an interest-free period makes it possible to use credit funds free of charge.
  • A convenient option is a fixed payment date and SMS notification of the loan maturity.


  • The main disadvantage of the card is the very high tariffs for using the service: an interest rate of 39.9% per annum, commissions for service, for cash withdrawals, etc. The total cost of a loan can be up to 96%.
  • The credit card is not intended for use with your own money.
  • To increase the limit, confirmation of the borrower’s income is required.
  • The constant use of credit funds increases the risk for the borrower to fall into credit networks when it becomes too much to pay off the debt.

You can practice using the card only with regular cash receipts sufficient to pay off the debt.

You should start withdrawing money only after carefully studying the conditions, commissions and tariffs for operations with the card.

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