Телефон горячей линии Альфа-Банка: 10 номеров (бесплатно)

Alfa-Bank hotline: 10 numbers (free)

Call the operator at the “Alfa-Bank” hotline for free. A complete list of phone numbers for clients from Moscow (with the code 8 495) and other regions of Russia (with the code 8-800). Support phone numbers.

Alfa-Bank hotline: 10 numbers (free)

Contacting the bank support service

Calling an Alfa-Bank operator by phone is currently not difficult, no matter if you are abroad or in Russia. Each client of the bank has the opportunity, if necessary, to urgently contact the bank free of charge to solve the problems that have arisen.

You can call in case of loss of the card, for its emergency blocking, or in case of encountering difficulties when working with an ATM, Internet bank or card, for example.

Although you can call the bank not only when something happens and you need help. You can just get acquainted by phone number with the current offers of the bank, select together with the operator the most profitable program for investing funds or, on the contrary, borrowing funds, that is, taking a loan.

In addition, you can call Alfa-Bank to clarify the latest transactions on your card, charges and debits, as well as find out the date and amount of the next loan payment, apply for a consumer loan, find out the balance on the account and a number of other operations can be performed using a regular phone.

To contact the operator dial the number 8,800 2,000,000 from a mobile or home phone registered in any subject of Russia, even if you are abroad.

This is the telephone support service for individuals, legal entities can contact Alfa-Bank at 8 800 100 77 33, also from any mobile or landline phone.

Never be afraid to contact the support service to find out the details you are interested in or in case of an unforeseen situation, employees are always happy to help you and advise you on Alfa-Bank products.

List of specialized lines of the bank

+7 495 78-888-78 is the contact phone number of Alfa-Bank operators: it is free for calls from individuals applying from Moscow and the region, they receive calls from a mobile phone, and will also provide support to clients who are abroad …

For calls to the Central Office the line is intended – +7 495 620-91-91. However, customers are not served here.

Contacts for communication with the press service of Alfa-Bank:

  • +7 495 786-29-21;
  • +7 495 786-29-54;
  • +7 495 788-69-80.

Business phone numbers

+7 495 755-58-58 – this channel is dedicated to business representatives.

+7 495 788-69-81 – for receiving a fax by a bank operator.

+7 499 271-89-98 – contact where you can call the Secretary of the Tender Committee.

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