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Alfa bank a loan secured by a car

If you urgently need money for a large purchase, you can apply for a consumer loan at Alfa-Bank. Funds for a large amount can be taken on the security of real estate or a car with the possibility of a lower interest rate and a longer loan term.

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Personal selection of loans:

  • We decided to buy house, apartment, or car?
  • Started repairs?
  • We urgently need a certain amount of money?
  • Let us consider in more detail the features of a loan secured by Alfa-Bank, credit conditions and the repayment procedure.

    Features of a secured loan

    The loan program is characterized by obtaining borrowed money not only for the purchase of goods and services, but also for training or treatment. The required amount is sent to the client’s current account and then cashed out.

    This type of lending is convenient, since it is not targeted and the employee does not need to talk about the reason for the loan. The loan is issued not only to individuals, but also to legal entities that provide commercial real estate as collateral.

    To apply for a loan secured, you need to visit the nearest Alpha office with a pre-assembled package of documents. An employee will help fill out the application and send it for consideration. After receiving a positive decision, the borrower will conclude an agreement with the bank.

    You can also get a loan secured online on the company’s website by filling out an application at home. To do this, select the “Loans” tab in the upper left corner of the main page.

    Click on “Cash loan”.

    Fill out the application and send it for consideration.

    After the loan is approved, the client still needs to visit the office to provide documents and sign the contract.

    The borrower has the ability to independently calculate the monthly payment, loan term and rate through an online calculator located on the company’s website in the “Cash loans” tab.

    The loan term depends on the value of the collateral object, the loan amount and is 2.5-15 years.

    Lending terms

    A loan secured by Alfa Bank is available to citizens of the Russian Federation who meet the conditions established by the bank:

    • registration within the location of the bank’s office;
    • positive credit history;
    • availability of a stable place of work;
    • documentary information about the pledge.

    The borrower must be competent, understand the responsibility of signing the loan agreement. The bank will check the person’s ownership of the property and the absence of encumbrances on the collateral object.

    What can be pledged

    The client can provide a real estate object or a car as collateral. Let’s consider in more detail the features of registration of each type of loan.

    The property

    A house, apartment, premise, cottage can act as a collateral property. If the debtor stops paying the debt, the banking institution will withdraw the property from the client.

    Real estate requirements

    A loan secured by real estate is issued without providing a certificate of income. To obtain a loan, you need to collect documents, take out insurance, find guarantors.

    When receiving a loan secured by Alfa-Bank, real estate must meet certain conditions:

    • the object should not be pledged to another banking institution;
    • non-emergency room;
    • with a brick or reinforced concrete foundation;
    • living conditions (availability of sewage, electricity, water);
    • does not need major repairs.

    Additionally, you need to attach a paper confirming ownership of the property.


    When receiving a loan from Alfa-Bank secured by a car, the maximum amount is 80% of the market value of the car. In this case, the client needs to confirm the income, and it must be at least 25,000 rubles.

    The car must meet certain criteria:

    • the term of use is not more than 5 years;
    • the minimum cost of a car is 50,000 rubles;
    • technically sound;
    • insured;
    • the car should not be collateralized;
    • the machine must be owned by the customer.

    A loan secured by a car is available for registration to individuals and legal entities.

    Borrower requirements

    To get a loan from Alfa-Bank, a client must meet a number of requirements:

    • age range (21-60 years old men, 21-55 years old women);
    • Russian citizenship;
    • husband / wife can be co-borrowers;
    • the client’s work experience for at least 2 years;
    • official employment.

    Clients applying for a secured loan provide a number of securities:

    • Russian passport;
    • TIN;
    • driver’s license;
    • Marriage certificate;
    • military ID;
    • copy of labor;
    • a document confirming ownership of real estate.

    If a loan is issued with co-borrowers or guarantors, documents proving their identity are provided.

    Loan repayment process

    The secured loan is repaid monthly according to the payment schedule. It is allowed to cover the debt in large amounts and ahead of schedule.

    In case of early repayment of the loan, the client must notify the banking institution at least 15 days in advance. The loan officer will pre-calculate the exact amount of the debt, including additional charges.

    Loan payment methods at Alfa Bank:

    1. Through the bank cash desk.
    2. Cash at the terminal or ATM.
    3. Online banking.
    4. At the Russian Post office.
    5. Through other customer accounts.

    Conveniently, there are many alternative methods: both cash and non-cash. The borrower can conclude an agreement with Alpha on constant automatic deductions of funds from his account.

    What to do if the bank has refused a loan secured

    Despite the fact that the collateral is a bank guarantee, a loan may be refused. There may be several reasons for this:

    • does not meet the conditions of the bank;
    • no stable income;
    • previously convicted;
    • a lot of debts;
    • bad credit history.

    A loan secured by real estate may not be issued due to the fact that one of the spouses did not give appropriate consent. Also, a refusal comes due to the fact that the collateral does not meet the requirements of the bank.

    If the client was denied a loan secured by Alfa-Bank, you can choose another lending program that does not imply the presence of collateral. If other programs are refused, you will have to contact another banking institution, but the probability of a positive answer in this case is minimal. You can also try to re-apply to Alfa-Bank, but only after a while, when the client’s situation improves.

    Alfa-Bank has a wide range of loans, including secured loans. This type of loan is suitable for citizens who need a large loan amount.

    If you took out a loan secured by real estate at Alfa Bank, share in the comments below. How quickly was your application approved, for how long?

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