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A cash loan with a passport in St. Petersburg: how to get it?

A cash loan with a passport in St. Petersburg will allow you to get the necessary funds for personal needs. Learn how to apply and get bank approval.

Which bank to get a cash loan from a passport?

Offers of banks of St. Petersburg:

Credit in Sovcombank

If you are from 35 to 85, contact ⇒ Sovcombank. Here you can get up to four hundred thousand in Russian currency at a minimum of 12% per year. The maximum payment terms are five years. To receive the amount, you need four months of experience, registration in the country for four months, citizenship, residence in the city of presence of the branch or not far from it, the presence of a landline phone. The application is submitted online, the decision is made remotely in advance.

Credit to Renaissance Credit

⇒ Renaissance Credit will issue up to seven hundred thousand rubles, the interest rate is at least 11.9% per annum, the repayment period is 24-60 months. You can get money on the day of application, you will need to provide two documents: a passport of a citizen and a second one: a bank card, driver’s license, diploma, international passport, SNILS, military ID, TIN (one option). To increase the chances of approval, you can provide a work record and income statement. For registration, you need to fill out a form on the website, entering your data (name, mobile phone number) and indicating the desired credit conditions. The decision is made ten minutes in advance.

Loan to UBRD

AT The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development can take out a loan from Minute Business, and it is possible to get an amount of up to two hundred thousand rubles for a maximum of 72 months. It is possible to reduce the interest rate to 13% and issue a citizen’s passport. The duration of the registration procedure is from fifteen minutes, early repayment is carried out without commissions. Conditions: the presence of a permanent place of work, income from six thousand, no current debts and delays in the last month, registration in the region of the branch. You can get a cash loan with a passport in St. Petersburg, as there is a branch in the city.

Credit to Orient Express

“Orient Express” will offer the borrower 25,000-15,000,000 with a minimum interest rate of 15% for terms of 13-240 months. The package of documents is minimal and includes one passport of a citizen, the request is left on the website online, it usually takes a day for consideration. Age restrictions for persons: under 21 and over 65.

Loan in the VUZ Bank

AT “VUZ Bank” you will receive a maximum of a million in Russian currency at a minimum of 17% per year. Payments are given up to 84 months, funds are issued to persons over 21 and under 65. You need six months of experience in one valid place of work; for registration, in addition to a passport, you need a second identity document. The request is submitted remotely online; you can get preliminary approval within 15 minutes.

Loan at Alfa-Bank

By contacting Alfa-Bank, you can borrow up to a million rubles for a period of one to five years. The minimum offered rate is 15.99 to all potential borrowers and 11.99% to salary clients (for an amount over 700,000). The exact value is calculated individually. Guarantors are not needed, there are no commissions. The request is submitted online, a preliminary decision is made in 15 minutes. Age restrictions apply for people under 21 and over 65.

How to get a cash loan?

You can take out a cash loan using your passport in St. Petersburg in several steps:

  1. Study of proposals of financial organizations operating in the city, their analysis and selection of the optimal one.
  2. Leaving a request. Visit the official website, find the application form, fill in all required fields. Personal information (full name) and contact information (phone number) is required. The desired credit conditions are marked: terms, amount of the amount, point of receipt (you must specify the city of St. Petersburg or a specific branch operating on its territory). Sometimes it is necessary to enter passport data. Finally, click on the “Send” or “Submit Application” window.
  3. Awaiting a preliminary decision. It can be made online, but it will be preliminary: for the final, employees will need a personal meeting with the borrower, studying his credit history, checking documents.
  4. Visit to a financial institution to provide documents and conclude an agreement.
  5. Receiving funds and the use of the amount for personal purposes.

If you need a cash loan with a passport in St. Petersburg, study the offers valid for the city, analyze them and choose the one that suits your requirements.

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